2017 Annual Meeting – Minnesota

2017 Annual Meeting – Minnesota

Post Doctoral Award Winners:

post doc winners

First Place: Lindsey Barske, University of Southern California, “Nrf2 transcription factors protect the identity of the vertebrate upper jaw”
Second Place: Kristin Watt, University of Kansas, “Understanding the pathogenesis and prevention of Acrofacial Dysostosis, Cincinnati-type”
Third Place: Joanna Smeeton, University of Southern California, “Arthritis and regeneration of the synovial zebrafish jaw joint”


Student Award Winners:

First prize: Camilla Teng, University of Southern California, “Zebrafish model of Saethre-Chotzen Syndrome reveals genetic conservation despite shifts in tissue origins”
Second Prize: Bonnie K. Kircher, University of Florida, “Growing apart: characterizing the development of sexual dimorphism”
Third Prize: Brian J. Paul, University of Iowa, “Oral cleft patient-derived ARHGAP29 mutation causes lethality and oral adhesions in mice”


Honorable Mention:

Kaylia Duncan, University of Iowa, “The role of znf750 in the gene regulatory network governing periderm differentiation”
Everett G. Hall, University of Kansas, “Moderate SPECC1L deficiency results in palate defects through changes in both oral epithelium and cranial neural crest derived palatal mesenchyme”
Sofia Pezoa, University of Colorado, Craniofacial bone and cartilage development is dependent on histone acetylation” (Not pictured)

ver 4 SCGDB meeting flyer 2017

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