2018 Annual Meeting – La Jolla, CA

2018 Annual Meeting – La Jolla, CA

Post-Doctoral Award Winners:

1st place: D’Juan Farmer, USC, Deciphering the embryonic origins and the genetic regulation of skeletal stem cells in the vertebrate skull.

2nd place: Erica Hutchins, Cal Tech., Draxin modulates Wnt signaling to regulate cranial neural crest EMT

3rd place: Andrew Cornith, UMass, Amherst, Muscle-induced loading as a major source of variation in craniofacial skeletal shape

Genesis SCGDB poster prize: Kristin Watt, Stowers Institute, Understanding tissue specific roles for POLR1A in the pathogenesis of Acrofacial Dysostosis, Cincinnati type

Graduate Student Award Winners:

1st place:  Olivia Hung-Jhen Chen, USC, Nuclear receptor Nr5a2 promotes tendon at the expense of cartilage fates in the zebrafish lower jaw

2nd place: Karla Terrazas-Falcon, Stowers Institute,  The tissue-specific role for RNA polymerase I and III during craniofacial development

3rd place: Dion Gionanone, USC, Growth plate chondrocytes dedifferentiate to generate osteoblasts and adipocytes in zebrafish facial bones

Genesis SCGDB poster prize: J. David Aponte, University of Calgary,  Multivariate genotype-phenotype mapping for craniofacial shape in the Diversity Outbred population

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