Trainee Membership - 50.00 USD per 1 year - for 1 time.
For SCGDB Members who are in an educational program, such as students, residents and postdoctoral fellows. If you are applying as a trainee, please provide name of your supervisor and an email address for contacting them.
Regular Membership - 75.00 USD per 1 year - for 1 time.
Open to applicants whose research or clinical interests involve the genetics or developmental biology of the craniofacial region. Applications for new membership must be approved. Regular members have the right to vote, serve on various committees and hold official positions.
Emeritus Membership - 40.00 USD per 1 year - for 1 time.
Open to all persons who met the criteria of regular membership but have retired from their professional duties. All regular membership rights are granted to members with Emeritus status.